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starlet_mirrors's Journal

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1. No bashing other people or being rude.
Anyone being rude/bashing/insulting people will be banned without warning.
2. Only mods can stamp.
3. Stamping takes place every 5 days, or after 10 votes
4. Promoting other communities is okay, but stamping communities only please. When promoting, put "STAMPED: actress" as the subject line, replacing "actress" with the name of the actress you were stamped as.
5. You MUST be a member of the community to vote, but you don't have to be stamped to vote.
6. When posting your application, you MUST include 4 links to other applications you've voted on. You will not be stamped without this. If there aren't 4 unstamped applications, vote on all available. Please include AT LEAST 4 pictures in your application. This community is based on physical appearance, not personality. It's not a rating community; you cannot be rejected. And all applications (pictures and survey) MUST be under a cut! <*lj-cut> <*/lj-cut>, just take out the stars.
7. Survey is optional, but we'd like you to answer at least a few of the questions.
8. To show you've read the rules, put "Love the limelight" as the subject.
9. Bold your votes. <*b><*/b>, remove the stars. Please do NOT bold votes for people are aren't on the available stamps list! If someone looks like Courteney Cox Arquette, by all means, tell them. But do not bold her name. Only bold the name of your vote, which can ONLY be a name from the available stamps list (see the link below).
10. After two weeks, you may re-apply for a different stamp. You may only be stamped 3 times. Re-stamping rules are here.
11. After we have 50 members, we'll begin themes. Specify in your application that you're applying for the theme stamps. You CANNOT apply for a theme stamp until you have a regular stamp.
12. When voting, take more into consideration that hair and eye color. Also consider facial features or builds. I.E., not every redhead is going to look like Alyson Hannigan (rule courtesy of mirror_animate).
13. You do NOT have to be stamped to vote, but you MUST be a member of the community. And once you're stamped, please don't disappear! People voted on you, so please return the favor.
14. Under 13 need not apply. Don't you have to be at least 13 to have an LJ account, anyway?


Best physical feature:
Worst physical feature:
Has anyone ever told you that you looked like a celebrity? (please only list people not on our list so not to sway votes; if you've been told you look like an of the actresses on our list, just say yes, but give no names)

View the list of available stamps here.

View the stamps here.

View the re-stamping rules here.

**All images for stamps were found via Google image searches. Obviously there's tons of actresses out there who aren't on the list, but we have 50 girls, so everyone is bound to look like SOMEONE, even if it's just a little bit.

For a list of more stamping communities go to stamping_comms.

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